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Honduras Trip – August 9-17, 2018

During this trip, we had the privilege of having a team of four come all the way from Alaska to partner with us in Honduras. We stayed in Piedra Morrada, a small community in Flower Mountain. It was great to continue furthering our relationship with the people of Piedra Morrada.

It also gave us an opportunity to get to know a man named Roberto. Roberto is the brother of Santos, a long-time ministry partner who recently left for the states. Roberto took on the responsibility of Santos’ coffee business and the church in Honduras. We knew Roberto from passing encounters, but we were able to deepen our relationship and listen to his heart for his community.

We made Piedra Morrada our base camp, as we hiked out to two small villages further in the mountains—Ojo de Agua and La Libertad. It was great to have a small group going into these communities because they rarely have visitors.

The last few times that we went there with larger groups, they quickly hid because they were overwhelmed. This time was much different. Both communities warmly received us. It was truly amazing to see the men, who usually stay far away from us, spend time with our group for a few hours.

We were able to share the Gospel with roughly a dozen people in the two villages. Although none of them accepted Christ, we believe good seeds were planted during our time there. We were even allowed to share Bible stories and skits in the school in Ojo de Agua. The kids loved it and were very receptive. It was an amazing week and our prayer is that the seeds that were planted take root.


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