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          Alan's Heart for Europe

                The first step towards a vision given to Alan years ago

Frontline Missions responded to God's call by reaching out to churches in Barcelona, Spain, and Marseilles, France through friendship, prayer, and worship. Similar to Joshua and the walls of Jericho, intercession was made so that the hearts of the people would be softened and the "walls" would come down that stand between them and a saving knowledge of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Going to the high points, ports, and historic locations within these cities, language barriers were bridged through worship and the declaration of Jesus' name. Frontline Missions strives to honor and come alongside local churches, and these simple acts of obedience have cemented new relationships, knit our hearts together, brought people to Christ, sowed a lot of "Gospel Seed", and resulted in an invitation to return as the lord may lead.


Feeding Programs


Leadership Training for Pastors


Street Evangelism

Frontline Missions France Efforts

Frontline Missions team to Marseille, France in 2022. Street evangelism with Richard Sharp and our partners in France. 

Frontline and Marseille, France mission teams 2022.jpg
France Mission trip to Marseille 3 Oct 2022.jpg
France Mission trip to Marseille 2 Oct 2022.jpg
France Mission trip to Marseille Oct 2022.jpg

Frontline Stories: France

France Matt and Christy baptism 2023.jpg

From Paragon Ministries, our partners in France. 

"Dear Heidi: 

Sunday evening we went to the beach with many from our church and the six who wanted to be baptized in water. What happened was really cool! As we gathered to hear their confession of faith in Jesus, many others gathered to listen. Even in the water, when we started baptizing the six, new followers of Jesus, crowds (mostly children) came around and watched and celebrated with us, may of them muslim or agnostics. We had great conversations sharing the Gospel with those who asked questions. One sows and one waters and God brings the growth (I Cor. 3:6-8)." 

"The church in Marseille continues to grow and multiply at new levels. Pray for the building purchase, that we would be given a date to sign the church purchase documents (the process has been dragging). 

Thank you Heidi for your continued partnership. We praise God for you as we continue to bring the gospel to Marseille, France, Europe and beyond! 

Hugs and kisses.

Matt and Christy"

France Matt and Christy 2023.jpg
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