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Frontline Missions has a long history of ministry in Guyana among its highly diverse cultures. From street evangelism among Hindu and Muslim communities in the east, to translation projects among oral cultures in the west, a partnership with Save R Kids Children’s Home in the north and ministry among indigenous nations in the south, the freedom of the Gospel is bringing transformation and healing.

Frontline continues to use a wide variety of methods to reach the nation of Guyana for Christ.

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Oral Bible Storying

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Medical Clinics

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Missionary Outreach

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Economic Development

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Construction Projects (Save R Kids)

Guyana Hewlett David passing out solar torch
Guyana Hewlett David working with Sam

Frontline Missions missionaries, Hewlett David (above) and Sam Frederick (right) take Solar Torches and show the Jesus Film to remote corners of Guyana.


We have distributed hundreds of Solar Torches in various languages to believers without access to electricity. Powered by the sun, here these contain the Bible in Wapishana, Macuxi, and English. On this trip, Hewlett David showed the Jesus Film to 200 students of the government school, and 15 youths accepted Christ as their Savior.

The Jesus Film is a film of the life of Jesus Christ. It is carried (above right) in a backpack with a projector, screen, solar battery, and speaker system. 

Guyana Donation for Sam in Guyana ten Solar Torches in Macuxi and English Twenty SD card i

Frontline Missions Guyana History

Frontline Missions leader, Heidi Winter, shares the history of Frontline Missions in Guyana, centering around Save R Kids Children's Home and reaching out from there.

(10:34 second video)

Frontline Stories: Guyana

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