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Support Indigenous Peoples

Your purchase helps support Indigenous tribes of Central and South America that we are working with.
100% of the purchase price (not counting the shipping or tax) goes directly to a fund that is designated for that specific people group. This lifts their family's economic status, and in some cases funds books, uniforms, and shoes for education. This is a true honor for us at Frontline Missions to partner with these people as they continue to promote their cultural arts. 

All prices listed are suggested donation amounts. Please use PayPal to send the donation via the shopping cart. Credit Cards can be used through PayPal if you select the Pay With Credit Card icon in your PayPal account. Shipping is included.

Handmade Purse

Made by the Wayúu tribe. (Colombia and Venezuela)

Marvelous straw tray hand woven by the Macuxi tribe in Brazil. With light pink lavender ac

Handmade baskets from Indigenous tribes in various sizes. Made from native grasses.

Handmade bracelet

Necklaces, bracelets and earrings made by the Tolupan tribe. (Honduras)

Tolupan Coffee in bag

Fresh medium dark roasted or medium, light roasted. (Honduras)

Purses & Bags

Vibrant and earthy—just like the Indigenous peoples with whom Frontline Missions works. These soft yet sturdy bags are handcrafted by the Wayúu tribe of Colombia and Venezuela.


Combining local natural seeds with beads and pendants the Tolupan of Honduras design these outstanding pieces of jewelry which are sure to make a statement. Your donations help to support the tribes we minister to.


This coffee is grown by the Tolupan tribe on Flower Mountain in Honduras. Our local coffee shop, Blue Donkey Coffee in Fayetteville, Georgia, roasts the beans to a medium dark roast so we can offer it to our supporters in the US. "Ahh! This smells SO good!"


Handmade baskets in various sizes, hand woven by Indigenous tribes of South America. Made from native grasses. Your donations help to support the tribes we minister to.

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