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Food For Millions

Much of Venezuela is without food. However, just as the widow woman’s “jar of flour was not used up and the jug of oil did not run dry” (1 Kings 17:16), so our Venezuelan friends have experienced God’s miraculous provision during this season of political turbulence and hunger. One woman told us how she emptied all the rice in her pantry to share with others, only to find upon her return the container was full! Another miracle occurred as church leaders welcomed a number of children near Puerto Ordaz for a meal. When they arrived, the number had tripled. They cried out to God for provision; and remarkably, there was not only enough to feed everyone, but extra to send home with them!

Upon hearing of these miracles, as well as tales of near-starvation from Venezuelan leaders, our hearts were moved to establish “Food for Millions.” We, along with Grace College of Divinity from Fayetteville, NC, had visited these pastors to ordain them, and sent them home with $2,000 worth of food.

Instead of hoarding this food, these families willingly shared their provision with others in desperate need. One leader became concerned for an elderly neighbor he had not seen for days. He pounded on the neighbor’s door; only silence greeted him. Desperate, he climbed and entered the home through the roof. Much to his surprise, the elderly man was still alive. His neighbor had eaten his last mango days earlier and was too weak to get up. The leader shared from his own meager food supply and took the neighbor to the hospital for IV’s, saving the elderly man’s life.

God has given me faith to see the desperate people of Venezuela fed through His miraculous provision. Repeatedly, I challenged my family, friends and partners in ministry to believe with me. As I raised my empty palm in front of me, I questioned, “What do you see? Anything? No. You may not see anything, but I see Food for Millions. My reality is Hebrews 11:1, ‘Now faith is the substance of things HOPED FOR, the evidence of things NOT SEEN.’”

Why such confidence and boldness? When I inquired of the Lord how to have faith for such a large need, He gave me a powerful dream, demonstrating to me His divine provision in feeding the children of Venezuela. In this dream, God asked me to give Him my hand. As I responded, my hand was instantly lifted up in the air. He slapped His hands on mine—one on top, and the other underneath my own. He said simply, “I’ve got you covered.” I knew He would fill my uplifted hand with His supply. With that confidence, I boldly moved forward.

Never in the history of Frontline have we ever publicly asked for money, but receiving Alan’s blessing to do so, the request for $2,000 to feed starving Venezuelan children went out on Facebook in August. Within two weeks, we received over $20,000—that is a 1,000% increase! We are confident God will continue to meet the growing need, providing ‘Food for Millions’ in Venezuela.


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