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Vision Update

When Alan and I started Frontline Missions in 1997, the question was asked, “Is Frontline Missions just about Alan Winter? Or, if something were to happen to Alan, would Frontline continue?” At that moment, an early death was the farthest thing from our thoughts. But we answered, “By all means, Frontline will go on!” Frontline Missions was to carry on for the glory of God. Never in our wildest dreams did Alan and I imagine that he would leave this earth so early, but God had another plan. In response to our decision years and years ago, I took up the torch that Alan handed off to me, and I lead Frontline Missions today.

Throughout this year and a half, the Lord has spoken encouragement in many ways. Different Scriptures have anchored my soul through the waves of grief. At one point, the Lord directed me to put my hiking boots next to Alan’s in my bedroom. The Lord pointed out to me that my boots were a different size: not as tall, not as wide, and not covering as much ground. We were called together to this mission as one, but my leadership may have a different “sizing” to it. In the process of trying to find my voice in leadership, I return back to the original vision that was given by the Lord.


In 1996, as Alan and I were waiting on the Lord about starting a missions organization, Alan received the name “Frontline Missions.” It became clear that we would be going to places other people would not want to go. Alan had such a pioneering spirit, that he was willing to go to the far reaches of the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Soon after this, the Lord directed me to do a prophetic act. He gave me a vision of a brown paper sack, and showed me that I was to put several things into the sack as a reflection of what our ministry would do. Directed by the Lord, I added the following: a nail and a piece of wood (construction), a Band-Aid (medical), a small cloth (clothing), a penny (money), and a can of green beans (food).

Then the Lord instructed me to put the sack in the back corner of the shop and cover it with sawdust. Sawdust? I wondered. What’s that about? Alan knew the answer right away. He explained that in the olden days when they used ice blocks, they would cover the ice with sawdust as insulation to preserve it for time. The Lord’s instruction represented the works of our ministry over time. Over the 21 years of Frontline’s existence, I can see that all of these areas of ministry, and more, have been touched.


Just as the Lord brought this vision back to my mind, He revitalized me to what His call originally was and will continue to be. The original call of God was to remain wide and free, to find the needs of others, and to find others who can meet those needs. Connecting people and resources in the name of Christ. Expanding the Kingdom of God in the midst of meeting physical and spiritual needs. So how far will we go? As far as the Lord leads! How wide will we go? To the ends of the Earth! Is this a big vision? Of course, but we can do all things through Christ Who strengthens us.

Just wanted to let you know that we at Frontline Missions are alive and well and moving forward with fresh vision. Come join us with prayer and boots on the ground!

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