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New Beginnings

Frontline missions in 2018 and beyond

A new season is upon us! For those of us in Georgia, the fall brings with it a sense of relief from the scorching summer heat. It brings beauty and maturity with the bright, changing colors of the leaves and crisp scent of the air as the earth prepares itself for winter. And it’s the time of harvest for crops.

Likewise, we at Frontline feel that a brand-new season is upon us in the Spirit. In 2017, the Lord encouraged us to hold steady as we grieved the loss of a great leader. And our team did this remarkably with the help of the Holy Spirit. Now, in the autumn of 2018, we feel the Lord telling us that we are about to see evidence of our hard work.

The previous season held many trials not only for us, but for many in the Kingdom of God. And many, like us, though occasionally hearing lies and feeling discouraged, decided it was more important to trust Him and remain steady in the midst of hard times, holding tightly to the promises God has given us. A great turning point is upon us. It’s time to reap the harvest!

There are many exciting promises ahead. For Frontline, God is leading us to continue supporting our mission partners in Central and South America while we help them achieve new projects like businesses and training centers to expand the Gospel.

At the same time, we will expand eastward. Earlier this year, we started a mission in Spain, and in August, we traveled to France and Moldova to explore options for future work. The mission will look different, given Europe has far different needs than South America, but will allow us to flex our creative muscles in developing diverse solutions to meet their needs.

Venezuelans Receiving Ministry In Brazil

Venezuelans receiving ministry in Brazil
Venezuelans receiving ministry in Brazil

The Lord is also stirring us to return to Venezuela when the situation becomes more feasible. Meanwhile, we can care for the Venezuelans in the bordering countries, particularly in Brazil and Guyana, where we have been assisting them through prayer, ministry, and food distribution.

With expansion comes a greater need for resources. If you are interested in supporting us in prayer, finances, or interested in reading more about these amazing activities, please reach out to us at or check out our updated pages at We will write another article soon detailing our anticipated projects, adventures, and needs for 2019 and beyond (including how you can get involved).

This is a huge vision, but we can do all things through Christ Who strengthens us. If He provides a vision, He will certainly provide a way. It is an exciting time! Come, let us join in uncompromising unity and love to take the liberating message of Jesus Christ to the far reaches of the world.

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