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Colombia Trip – CCC and Manna Florida

Two teams and two weeks in Santa Marta, Colombia, brought ministry to churches, people on the streets, children (through a feeding program), and the Wayuu tribe. Local leaders were very encouraged by the strong preaching and prayer conducted by the Coweta Community Church (CCC) pastors and team. The local leaders’ hearts were so touched and closely knit with the visiting team that one person even claimed to be the twin of one of the CCC leaders! Sweet!

The group from Manna Church not only ministered in the churches and through the feeding program, but traveled an additional four hours to participate in a collaborative leader's meeting for reaching the Wayuu tribe. During this historical meeting, we planned for the commencement of a Wayuu leadership training that will begin in January 2019. The sessions will be 3 months long and will train the leaders on the Jesus film, how to use a small projector and set up a screen, as well as how to begin discipling new converts by using Bible Storying. This in turn will lead them down the path of small groups, which will help to establish local churches.

We are overjoyed to be a catalyst to this momentum to touch the Wayuu not only in Colombia, but even into Venezuela through the Indigenous missionaries!


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