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Empowering Missionaries

We are immensely grateful to God for bringing us this far and making Frontline Missions a stronger organization even during a global pandemic. Our international ministry partners continue doing ministry, serving their own in their areas of influence, and we have supported them in prayer and with financial help in their community projects. 

Meily Garrido, Honduras Director, has been taking Hondurans from local churches to serve in Flower Mountain while internationals could not travel into Honduras due to traveling restrictions. Now that traveling has opened up, she has a team from Michigan serving the Tolupan Indians. We look forward to more trips this year and the following. 

God is on the move! 

Columbia: The Kogi Unreached People Group

We are excited to share with you some news about the Kogi indigenous group of the Sierra Nevada mountains of Santa Marta, Colombia. This unreached people group has been historically isolated since colonization, and have very little contact with outsiders. Three of our Colombian missionaries were able to visit the 400 people village twice during the month of May. They now have a liaison who has helped them earn the trust of the Kogi chiefs, the Mamos.


The missionaries plan on going back to Sierra Nevada twice a month using community feedings as their way of sharing the Gospel. Pastor Wuirley wants to begin getting involved with the children, so they can learn about Jesus in school through a discipleship program. Because the Kogi are completely isolated from outsiders, our American missionaries are not able to join the Colombians in pioneering this new area of interest at this time. Therefore, our present participation with the Kogi will be one from afar as it is such a delicate one. We look forward to a time when we will be able to join them, but for now, we are simply thankful we are honored to support local missionaries.

Kogi Woman and children

Kogi mother and her children

Click on the image on the left to learn more about The Kogi! (Video: 1:30 minutes)

Soul Walk

At Frontline Missions, we are passionate about seeing the lost be found (Lk 15:31-32) and for multitudes from every nation, tongue and tribe to come to the throne of God (Rev. 7:9). We also know that the prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective, and for this reason we have created a campaign called “The Soul Walk.”

Our goal is to have people walk a quarter mile while praying for a soul. We are believing for 10,000 souls to come to know Jesus this year 2021. This would be the equivalent of 2,500 miles walked. 

We would love for you to join us in this “Soul Walk” journey and keep us updated on how many miles you walk everyday! 

Send your results or updates to Bless you!

Soul Walk
We Are Traveling Again

We are excited to communicate that we are planning short-term mission trips again! After airlines and countries have opened up for internationals, we have decided it is time to visit our friends in other countries and resume our traveling schedules.

If you and/or your church are interested in joining one of our mission trips, let us know at

List of mission trips:

1. Honduras, Flower Mountain: Tolupan indigenous group.

2. Colombia, La Guajira:  Wayúu indigenous group.

3. Colombia, Santa Marta, Dental mission trip: Venezuelan refugees in the area.

4. Guyana, Northeastern Region: Dental mission trip.

5. Guyana, Southern Region: Ministering to teenagers in high risk communities.

6. Brazil, Boa Vista: Strengthen local missionaries and support them in the Jesus Film project and businesses. 

7. Spain and France - Worship, prayer, and support to local pastors. 

We look forward to hear back from you!

We Are Traveling Again

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