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Frontline Missions in
Southeastern Venezuela

Frontline Missions seeks partners to join our mission to feed Venezuelan impoverished children, their families, and native mission workers who manage the distribution of the food. We have been working with key partners in Venezuela for over twenty years. Due to the economic and social crisis nationwide, we are focused on assisting impoverished Venezuelans with food relief efforts.

VENEZUELA STATS for grant page 2024

Frontline Missions Venezuelan Feeding Project:

Overview of areas being serviced by Frontline Missions.

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Empowering Indigenous Difference-Makers

According to the UN Refugee Agency, more than 4 million Venezuelan refugees still face difficulties accessing food, shelter, health care, education, and formal employment in Latin America and the Caribbean. (Read UNHCR press release here.)


We want to assist these displaced Venezuelans from becoming refugees as we have found a large number (approximately 19% according to the above report) of Venezuelan refugee children are not attending school but are instead supporting their families with informal and underpaid jobs to make ends meet.

Our Venezuelan teams, who are willing to distribute the food baskets, are passionate locals who are committed to staying in their country, and making it a priority to help impoverished Venezuelans to also remain in country.

Thank you for considering partnering with Frontline Missions to support these Indigenous leaders. Your partnership will make a meaningful difference for our organization and the Venezuelans we serve.

Frontline Missions Weekly Feedings At The Local Hospital

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Hospital nurses "complaining" Frontline Missions needs to come back with more food and ministry!

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