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Mount Roraima



Mount Roraima at the intersection of Brazil, Venezuela, and Guyana


​Frontline Missions actively develops and cultivates dynamic partnerships within the global church to empower and equip leaders to reach their nations for Christ. Instead of arriving at a community with our preconceived notions, Frontline Missions seeks out the community leaders and strategizes to discover root issues and goals that will have the most impact on the community. Through creative solutions such as Bible Storying, leadership training and economic development, entire communities encounter the transformative power of the Gospel. We believe this approach honors the individuals and leaders in the community, builds lasting relationships, and sustains results over generations. Come join with us! 

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BRAZIL 2021 - 1974 Ford Jeep, Honoring Frontline Missions Pastor Damasceno. We need men who understand this work to appreciate what God led us to do to help a community that does not have any other vehicle to carry supplies! To God be the glory!

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Alan Winter, the Founder of Frontline Missions, loved to share and listen to stories. He believed in their power to open hearts to the love of God and the power of the Gospel. The culture of storytelling permeates the work of Frontline Missions all over the world, creating a beautiful exchange of sharing and receiving. Frontline Missions uses storytelling in discipleship and evangelism efforts while bearing witness to the work of the Holy Spirit in people’s hearts all around the globe. Below: Meily Garrido, Toni Johnson, and Alan Winter at Honduras water baptism.

Alan Winter at Honduras Baptism.
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Cleide from the Macuxi tribe on mission to show the Jesus Film in Brazil. The Jesus Film includes a film of the life of Jesus, projector, solar battery pack, and sound system, all carried in a backpack provided by Frontline Missions and supporters like you.

Cleide from the Macuxi tribe on mission to show the Jesus Film in Brazil.

Report from Griselly (Ministry in Colombia Wayúu Bible Translation, and Bible School) 2024


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Mount Roraima (pictured above) is the highest of the Pakaraima chain of tepuis (table-top mountains) or plateau in South America. It is located at the junction of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana. A characteristic large flat-topped mountain surrounded by cliffs 400 to 1,000 meters high. The highest point of Mount Roraima is located on the southern edge of the cliff at an altitude of 2,810 meters in Venezuela, and another protrusion at an altitude of 2,772 meters at the junction of the three countries in the north of the plateau is the highest point in Guyana. The name of Mount Roraima came from the native Pemon people. Roroi in the Pemon language means "blue-green", and ma means "great".


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